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*Please note that every project is different due to environment, materials required, etc. Please contact us if you have specific questions about a project. These answered questions are meant to clarify generalities regarding Burke Energy Solutions* 

What is the Solar System Components Package? 


The Solar System Components Package includes: solar panels, inverter, structure for the panels, wire, miscellaneous items such as brakers and electrical panels, data logger for monitoring, and maintenance service


How much is individual equipment?


We provide turnkey solutions, from design to procurement to installation to maintenance. The price for our complete package is 1.6 $/W, that is 1600 $/kW in addition to the 0.5% of the cost of the installation in yearly maintenance.


How long does it take to start operations after application?


For a detailed on-site inspection and definition of works with the installer: approximately 1 week between the trip and the inspection.

Preparation of the project documentation: approximately 20 days.

Definition of materials and orders: approximately 20 days.

If items are not in stock, the delivery time of the materials: approximately 1 to 2 months.

Then, we can start the operations.


Can we consume electric that will be produced by Solar Panel?


Of course. Also, FPL gives the net metering so the energy that they don’t consume is actually put back in the grid and taken out when needed without additional payment.

The fact that they can auto-consume also leads to a reduction not only in the consumption, but also in the demand, so you will pay even less in your bill.

*These considerations were made by defining the price of the energy saved as 8 cents per kWh.


Is there any insurance on the solar plant?


The insurance comes from your building insurance that should come at little to no extra cost to you.


What kind of employees will be working on the project?



Master Electrician




Is there reflection on the panels? Is there any legislation concerning the reflection of the panels for airplane safety.